Tink Gee, osteopath in Hobart

The osteopath Tink Gee offers their services of osteopath, du osteopath, and du yoga teacher in Hobart.

Address of Tink Gee

The address of Tink Gee is :

Galleria Building, Suite 20, 31-35 Salamanca Pl 7000Hobart

Tink Gee 's phone :

The phone number of Tink Gee is 0402 457 401.

Opening hours of Tink Gee

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Tink Gee on the Internet

Tink Gee 's e-mail address is osteotink@yahoo.com.au. Their website can be reached at www.rockhopperclinic.com.au.

Legal information

Brand: Rockhopper