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3/14 Thomas Street
4566 Noosaville

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His mobile number is 0473667846.

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Jenny Morey's e-mail address is [email protected]
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Company number : 45158604549.
Brand : Family Osteopathy & Massage.
Owner's name : Jenny Morey


About me: I am an APHRA registered osteopath with 10 years of experience gained in private practice in France, New Zealand and, more recently, Australia. I obtained my Masters of Osteopathy in 2005 after completing six years of study in Paris, France. After graduation I established my own practice in the South of France and spent the next two years treating a variety of patients. During this time i developed a special interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal sports injuries and worked closely with Serge Blanco and a number of European professional rugby teams. In 2007 I moved to Tauranga, New Zealand where I soon established strong working relationships with local general practitioners and became well known amongst the community for helping patients return to work quickly after an injury. I have extensive experience treating musculoskeletal conditions that arise as result of common sporting injuries of the shoulder, neck and back. My aim is to give back movement to enable the body to recover as fast as possible to restore optimal function. To achieve this I uses a wide range of techniques, including: soft tissue work, gentle mobilization, stretching, and soft manipulation if required. I also has a keen interest in pre and post pregnancy care, treating not only common complaints such as sciatica and back pain, but also in helping the patient prepare for an easier birth. My education has provided me with a knowledge of and experience in visceral and cranio-sacral osteopathy and the benefits that they can provide to pregnant women, children and those suffering from post-traumatic stress. I believe that the key to successful outcomes for patients lies in adopting a holistic approach, and aims to look at the ‘whole’ of the person, including: their health history, posture, gait, etc. before making a diagnosis. My philosophy is that the treatment process should be two-fold, combining a hands on treatment in the clinic with the education of patients on self management in the areas of posture, ergonomics and stretching. Services at Family Osteopathy & Massage: Family Osteopathy offers complete body care. I can provide advice on and treatment for a wide range musculoskeletal dysfunction, including: neck and back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain and bursitis, tension headaches, jaw pain, sports injury, repetitive strain injuries, pregnancy pain related. My services include : osteopathic techniques, soft tissue work, muscle energy techniques, trigger point, dry needling, mobilisation , postural advise , ergonomic at work.


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