Dr Vince Troiano, osteopath in Essendon

Address of Dr Vince Troiano

The address of Dr Vince Troiano is :

925 Mt Alexander Rd Essendon3040Essendon

Dr Vince Troiano 's phone :

The phone number of Dr Vince Troiano is 0393794151. Their fax number goes 0393796296.

Opening hours of Dr Vince Troiano

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Dr Vince Troiano on the Internet

Dr Vince Troiano 's e-mail address is enquiries@radiusosteo.com.au. Their website can be reached at www.radiusosteo.com.au.

Legal information

Company number: 46501909344

Brand: Radius Osteopathic

Company registration year : 1999

Owner's name : Vince Troiano

More info

Dr Vince Troiano is a registered osteopath and a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association. Vince founded the Radius Osteopathic Clinic (formally Mt Road Osteopathic Clinic) in 1999 and has since treated an extensive range of conditions involving the musculo-skeletal system in the Essendon area in Melbourne's north. He uses a number of techniques in order to affect muscles, joints, connective tissues and nerves Some of these specialised manual techniques include; •muscle and connective tissue stretching •rhythmic joint movements •muscle energy techniques •joint manipulation •positional release